Gehandelte landwirtschafliche Produkte

product code acc. to GMP+
1.020 BARLEY – Kernels of Hordeum vulgare L. and other cultivated types.
1.050 MAIZE – Kernels of Zea Mays L.
1.100 RYE – Kernels of Secale cereale L
1.130 WHEAT- Kernels of Triticum aestivum (L.), Triticum durum Dosf. and other cultivated wheat varieties.
2.127 Rape SEED – Seeds of oil seed rape Brassica napus L. ssp. oleifera (Metzg.) Sinsk., of Indian sarson Brassica napus L. var. glauca (Roxb). O.E. Schulz and of rapeseed Brassica campetris L ssp. oleifera (Metzg.) Sinsk. (botanical purity at least 94 %).